Environmental Controls

Environmental Controls

Stormwater management programs and planning are a priority on every project and our experience and attention to detail protects watersheds adjacent to our projects and protects our customers from ever-increasing regulatory involvement.  Erosion and sedimentation controls are the first item addressed on-site and the last to be removed. Our experience and expertise prevents our customers from being involved in the extensive erosion control maintenance and monitoring process.

Vegetation Control

Legacy utilizes hand laborers, EPA approved herbicides and equipment to reach a desirable vegetation height on banks, ditches and pond bottoms.

Trash & Debris Removal

Our crew will inspect for trash and debris that could affect the proper function of your storm water structures. All resulting trash and debris are collectively removed from the jobsite and disposed of properly.

Erosion Control

Erosion control is critical to the function of a storm water management system. This effort may include the integration of additional soils, seed and geotextile fabrics as well as other methods.

Filter Bed Maintenance

Inspection and replacement of filter medium such as sand or gravel in filter beds is carried out to ensure petroleum products, algae and silt cannot seep below the filter level.

Storm Drain System Maintenance

Legacy will provide inspection, repairs and replacements to damaged drains, culverts, inflow pipes, flumes, outfall structures and trash racks. This may include parging risers, low flow joints, etc.. If necessary, the scope of work may include pumping the water level down so as to inspect the outfall barrel.

Fountain & Aeration Systems

Improved aeration in wet ponds through the use of diffusers and fountains is performed to encourage desirable plant species and wildlife, as well as to improve aesthetics.