Project Planning & Budgeting

Our staff develops budgets from hand drawn sketches; works with engineers maximizing lot layouts; develops phasing scenarios for utilities and marketing; and even assists in the site selection process. Whether it is walking a land disturbance permit through Cambell County or coordinating agreements with the Department of Transportation, DRM, Inc. assists customers from the feasibility stage to the finish.

Project Consulting

During the design process, the potential contractor is not involved all too often. In many instances, this can cost the owner large sums of money in change orders due to items that may have been overlooked or could have been completed more economically. Over the years, we have found it beneficial to both the owner and designer to provide consultation with regard to design – bringing actual field construction experience to the table to facilitate the most cost-effective and safety-conscience methods of construction.

Our consultation service is designed to minimize potential change order costs due to unforeseen conditions and facilitate a design that is contractor-friendly, thus minimizing initial and final contract costs. Our professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of site development and infrastructure reconstruction. You can rest assured that any consultation that you receive is strictly in the best interest of the owner and our full attention to detail is applied accordingly.


Organizing your project and committing it to a scheduled time is critical. We will do our best to meet your deadlines and complete your project on the originally discussed schedule. Of course, occasionally we run into hurdles that are out of our control. Weather is the primary suspect. Since 90% of our work involves earth moving of some sort, a wet and rainy day sometimes will need to be followed up with 1-2 days of drying time as using our heavy equipment on soaked ground can damage the work area. We are of course committed to your project and will do our best to complete everything in a timely manner.