Underground Utilities

DRM, Inc. takes great pride in the miles of commercial and residential underground utilities we have installed over the past several years of business. DRM’s crews are trained personnel that apply years of knowledge and experience to the installation, renovation, and upgrading of any underground utility project.

Our comprehensive underground utility services include waterline, sewer line, storm drain, and trench work. We do our best to consult with all responsible parties and public agencies to provide the best solution to any situation that may arise.

Sanitary Sewer Mains

DRM, Inc. is known for its quality installations of Sanitary Sewer systems. The installation of these systems are commonly at greater depths relative to other utilities. Consequently, it is very important to perform the work correctly the first time. This avoids repeating work that may not pass testing process prior to going into operational stages.

Potable Water Systems

Addressing the installations of domestic potable water facilities are very important to be conducted in a manner that the systems are constructed within conformance of American Water Works Association (AWWA). The connections and thrust points are vital to the security of the Public R-O-W and the environment. Proper handling and chlorination of materials must be respected. Pressure testing and good compaction are some of the aspects of constructing a quality domestic water distribution facility. Water is a major resource for all life. As such it must be protected and preserved as an asset to good living. DRM, Inc. builds infrastructure as if it owns it. We warranty our work for the standard, 1 year, state law. If clients request a longer warranty period DRM, Inc. can accommodate.

Storm Sewer Mains

We work with installations of Storm Drainage systems in public R-O-W and private properties. We address the work operations with a safe and professional approach and consider all surroundings involved with our scope of work. From the project’s commencement to its completion we address punch list items and testing to be conducted with proper confirmation.

Manhole & Catch Basin Installations

Again, DRM, Inc. uses our employees for a variety of concrete structures such as manhole construction, catch basins, monuments, inlet and outlet structures, manhole top out, curb repairs, etc.

During installations DRM, Inc. places absolute importance to specifications and materials. Our carpenters form and pour structures to accommodate finish grade completion on top surface. Some underground structures have other testing criteria that go along with the inspector’s acceptance of the structure.